So you want to learn NANO tech :) Great


This website is about giving newcomers a better understanding of the NANO technology through precise guidelines and playful GUI tools. It is headed towards solving problems of real-world use-cases and taking out the guesswork we early adopters had to wrap our heads around. After spending months on the NANO #development discord channel, I learnt about pitfalls, fallacies, best-practices and FAQ. Starting with only a few web-based tools march 2018, this site aims to provide much more documentation in the upcoming months.

Upcoming guides & tools

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Contact / Suggestions

If you have improvement proposals or any other helpful idea, you can contact 'renesq' the NANO and BANANO discord, or send a mail to the contact@ email address.


The tools on this website are free to use and modify under the CC0 license*
The guides are CC-BY-NC-SA, quote them by referencing to "".

*The terms of all third party libraries stay intact though:
/SergiySW/RaiBlocksJS BSD-3-Clause
/chriscohoat/rai-wallet BSD 2-Clause
/jaimehgb/tweetnacl-js Unlicense
/numtel/nano-webgl-pow MIT
/papnkukn/qrcode-svg MIT
/termhn/nano-base32 MIT
/bitcoinjs/bip39 ISC
/dcposch/blakejs CC0
/MikeMcl/big.js MIT

Special thanks

Creating this website was made possible by pioneer work of the many volunteers in the Cryptography/RaiBlocks/NANO community. ChrisCohoat, JaimeHGB, termhn, PlasmaPower, Numtel, Twinbee, Clemahieu, Cronoh, red, cyclostationary, stoodder, Marlowe, slact, MikeMcl, and many more.