Convert Seeds, Private & Public Keys, and Addresses back and forth

Your one-stop tool to cross-check NANO keys. V1.8 (now works with ban_ and nano_ prefixes)

There's more to NANO than just seeds and xrb_ style addresses. Fill in one field, and this tool will show you all corresponding keys (if technically feasible).

(max 4,294,967,295)

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random seed random private key random public key

Bonus feature: You can use URL parameters like ?type=address&value=xrb_3sete494gu1cbyondbjk8dcxx7ccrp1j31gc7owrk449dyq89qj6hkrhn8yg
to prefill fields. Allowed field types are seed privatekey publickey address will never capture or reuse your private keys intentionally, but there are many potential data leaks when using this tool online, and you shouldn't be trusting third parties in general. If you want to handle sensitive data, consider downloading this tool as a single-file package for offline use