QR and URI test page - Check how apps handle inputs and outputs

Official NANO standards for requesting payments

General URI schema to request a payment, as proposed by the NANO foundation: nano:xrb_[?][amount=][&][label=

Address; with URI prefix

Shown by: NanoCrawler, ...
Processed by: Natrium (in-app only), ...

Address and "raw" integer amount (equalling 1.23 NANO); with URI prefix

Shown by: Brainblocks
Processed by: Natrium (only in-app, ignores amount), ...

Address and "raw" integer amount (equalling 1.23 NANO) and label and message; with URI prefix

Shown by: ...
Processed by: Natrium (in-app only, ignores everything except address), ...

Non-standard implementations

A simple address, without URI prefix

Shown by: NanoVault explorer, Nanode, Nanowatch, Natrium, NWC-Android, ...
Processed by: most wallets. Ideal for copy and pasting with generic QR readers

Adress and decimal amount and unit; without URI prefix

Shown by: ...
Processed by: ...

Other ways to enable convenient payments

You can add webwallet URLs with parameters to your payment pages, for example NanoVault: https://nanovault.io/send?to=xrb_318syypnqcgdouy3p3ekckwmnmmyk5z3dpyq48phzndrmmspyqdqjymoo8hj&amount=1.23

Key management

Importing a seed

General schema proposed by the NANO foundation: xrbseed:[?][label=

Shown by:
Processed by:

Importing a private key

General schema proposed by the NANO foundation: xrbkey:[?][label=

Shown by:
Processed by:

Passing on a JSON block blob

General schema proposed by the NANO foundation: xrbblock:...

Example TBD

Color-inverted QR

Processed by: