NANO unit converter 1.2.6

Headache relief for NANO's unit mess. Perfect for debugging and learning.

Type or paste a number in any field. Use only . as a decimal separator.

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This real-time client-based javascript tool lets you convert all the units you'll come across when developing apps or building blocks for NANO - quick, easy and with confidence. Thanks to MikeMcl's BigDecimal library and a custom HEX function, not a single raw will get lost.

The parser will only accept dots as decimal points. Commas will be ignored! The parser mechanism is fault tolerant for your typical copy'n'paste strings, but since it deletes some irrelevant/out-of-range characters and symbols, you should always check if the number in the field is the one you actually desired to enter. It will alert you if the input is not supported even after sanitation, or if the input is impossible in the NANO ecosystem. Short: If the calculator shows something, it is most likely correct and precise.

Bonus feature: You can use the URL parameters ?unit=Mnano&amount=0.5 to prefill fields. Allowed units are Mnano knano nano raw rawhex

The unit conversion code is well-documented. You can copy it if you want to make an app. A reference to this site would be nice.

This tool comes under absolutely no warranty. Use it at your own risk. Contact renesq on NANO Discord for discussion and improvement proposals, or use the contact@ email address.

Upcoming features: Fiat and crypto conversion, unit API, european number format

Donation address: xrb_3too1sgot4c9h3zqsgk7tknh3cazcj5q7x7mn4kmh3ng76q6pqzth55ibhnh

Download this tool as a single-file package for offline use